My body and the life in it


Are fleeting as the bubbles
In the sea froth of a wave.
Bless me first thus to recall
The death that will destroy me soon;

And help me find sure knowledge
That after I have died
The things I've done, the white or black,
And what these deeds will bring to me,
Follow always close behind,
As certain as my shadow.

Grant me then
Ever to be careful,
To stop the slightest
Wrong of many wrongs we do,
And try to carry out instead
Each and every good
Of the many that we may.

–From Je Tsongkapa, "Source of All My Good"

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Dr. Lopez Nails it Again!


You keep using that word — I don't think it means what you think.

The Scientific Buddha | Tricycle
According to Buddhist doctrine, there can be only one buddha for each historical age. A new buddha appears in the world only when the teachings of the previous buddha have been completely forgotten, with no remnant—a text, a statue, the ruins of a pagoda, or even a reference in a …


People who think that things are real are as stupid as a cow; people who think things are not real are even more stupid



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People who think that things are real are as stupid as a cow; people who think things are not real are even more stupid.

— Mahasiddha Saraha

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Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom

In Buddhism we have an incredible arrangement, universal education from the beginning at birth up until death, as an old man. I feel these things could be put into a universal language. Give up religion, give up Buddhism. Go beyond Buddhism. Put the essential aspect of the philosophy into scientific language. This is my aim. …

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First Arya ("Noble") Truth, duknyel denpa

First Arya ("Noble") Truth, duknyel denpa Report: Feeling Bad Right Now Most Reliable Predictor Of Feeling Bad ForeverSTANFORD, CA—Saying their findings were consistent across all ages and demographic groups, psychologists at Stanford University released a groundbreaking report this week confirming that feeling bad right now is an extremely accurate predictor of feeling bad forever.

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