Sure, you don't HAVE to be Buddhist to meditate or benefit from the philosophy, unless, you know, you would like to SWIM IN THE INFINITE

Sure, you don't HAVE to be Buddhist to meditate or benefit from the philosophy, unless, you know, you would like to SWIM IN THE INFINITE. Thank you, Robert Thurrnan

Swimming in the Infinite | Tricycle | Robert Thurman
Awesomeness from Robert Thurman: “There is no point in being Buddhist! One does it for the sheer joy of swimming in the infinite!” via Swimming in the Infinite | Tricycle. Tweet

Meditations on the Path to Enlightenment

There is a lot of buzz about the benefits of #meditation. What if we told you that #mindfulness was just the beginning — just a warm-up? Come learn to use it to change your heart and your world, drawing from the traditions of the Dalai Lamas of Tibet and The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.

Materials will be provided with quotes from scripture and tools to deepen your practice. Sessions will be about 15 minutes of instruction, 30 minutes of practice, and 15 more of open discussion. If you have a firm pillow or cushion, please bring it. Some will be provided. You will come away with a toolbox of powerful practices that are guaranteed to change your world.

Topics include:

"Enlightenment is a thing." Get a feel for the goals of practice. It's not about dealing with stress, but to eliminate it completely from your reality, and to become someone who can free others the same.

"Mapping the Inner Body." Particularly good for Yogis and Yoginis. Learn what the postures are really for, and how they relate to your inner growth.

"Highest Love." Learn one of the simplest yet most profound practices for developing a kind and fearless heart. Taking-and-Giving, tong-len, is a Tibetan practice that can be used on and off the cushion.

"Emptiness of Thoughts." All suffering comes from misunderstanding where things really come from, especially within your own mind. Learn practices for dismantling disturbing perceptions and emotions.

"Nothing Lasts" Learn a powerful visualization for loosing the grip of the mundane world and all the things that make you unhappy, and re-energizing your quest to reach spiritual goals beyond them.


A Buddhist Answer to the Healthy and Natural Crowd

Spoiler Alert: no matter how earth-friendly, natural and healthy you are, in the normal course of things the earth will end and you will die. It is inevitable.

You could care for your body perfectly with the right food and right activity, and it will still self-destruct. No exceptions. We could stop CO2 emissions tomorrow, plant a billion trees and leave vast tracts of land untouched, the climate will still change and it will be uncomfortable for animals, plants, and humans in varying degrees, eventually becoming uninhabitable. A barren rock, like our sister planets, Mars and Venus. All life here is just an eye-blink in the universe. Your life is an eye-blink of an eye blink. This is the natural course of things.

Which comes first doesn't matter. It's already happened a trillion times. It will happen a trillion more. Unless. . .

There is a thing called Enlightenment. It is rare and subtle. Many have reached it and have tried to tell us. It's in the ancient books. They explain quite nicely how it's done. It's possible to get off the wheel of the normal course of things. We just have to do what they say and follow their advice.

Realize that you have no time. There is no "later" that you can count on. Understand first and foremost that leading a deeply ethical way of life is the essence of every spiritual path. Not just being a vaguely nice person, but following a code. Don't hurt others. Better yet, try to help them. The best is to reach spiritual goals and take everyone else with you.

To do this, you must learn to control your mind, both in meditation and everyday life. They are inextricably linked. You can't have good meditation without following a deep ethical code, and you can't restrain your mouth and body without controlling your own mind.

Finally, this one-two punch of ethics and meditation allows you to penetrate reality, to finally see behind the curtain of what drives us and every other living thing. This reality will become your play-thing and you will happily forever use it to help others find the freedom that you have found.

It's that, or just keep trying to mop the decks of the Titanic that is your body and your world, and just try to feel okay with that. Be calm. Reduce stress. Generate bliss. Good luck with that. Those things are just bandaids. Seriously entering a spiritual path is more akin to chemotherapy. It's hard. It's radical. It's uncomfortable. But it just might be a cure.


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An ancient picture of our Teacher's Teacher in India on the facebook page of Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center of Washington, DC

An ancient picture of our Teacher's Teacher in India on the facebook page of Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center of Washington, DC

Timeline Photos | Facebook
This older photo is of the late Sermey Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Tharchin, founder and teacher of the Mahayana Sutra and Tantric Center of Washington, DC, standing near one of the Tibetan Refugee Settlement schools. The late Khensur Rinpoche taught at Tibetan settlement schools in Darjeeling, …

What Makes It Buddhist or Not

Why is that important? Because pretty-sounding spiritual stuff is nice, but may not lead anywhere. Buddhadharma will take you to an ultimate place.

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Four seals ~ Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

If you cannot accept that all compounded or fabricated things are impermanent, if you believe that there is some essential substance or concept that is permanent, then you are not a Buddhist.

If you cannot accept that all emotions are pain, if you believe that actually some emotions are purely pleasurable, then you are not a Buddhist.

If you cannot accept that all phenomena are illusory and empty, if you believe that certain things do exist inherently, then you are not a Buddhist.

And if you think that enlightenment exists within the spheres of time, space and power, then you are not a Buddhist.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

from the book "What Makes You Not a Buddhist"



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