The Struggle of the Non-Yuppie Dharma Practitioner

My Lama never charged a dime for everything he taught me over 10 years. Neither do I charge when I teach. But still, I could have written this article myself. It pains me that Buddhist practice (and yoga) still appear to be mostly for the skinny, rich and white in America. What do you think can be done? I miss teaching and I miss doing retreat, but I'm too busy treading water.

White Trash Buddhist | Tricycle
I am forever in debt to the handful of teachers, writers, and thinkers who introduced me to Buddhist practice, provide constant inspiration, and continue to shape my knowledge of this path. Actually, I’m just forever in debt. Every time I get in my 12-year-old car and rattle away to the nearest …

You might be doing it wrong

You might be doing it wrong.


#Compassion! Not Watching Your Thoughts or Breath

I fear that much time in #meditation is wasted on just warm-ups. Here's more evidence:

Want To Train Your Brain To Feel More Compassion? Here’s How
Scientific evidence shows that we can teach our brains to feel more compassion, both for others and ourselves. Imagine how the world might be…

OK, it's not THAT hilarious, but any chance to make fun of us

OK, it's not THAT hilarious, but any chance to make fun of us #yoga & #meditation types

10 Ways Yoga & Meditation Will Make You Cool (Warning: Hilarious!)
As if reduction in stress, increase in gray brain matter, general peace of mind, improved physical fitness and overall positive state of well-being aren’t enough, here are a few ways that yoga and


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This Lady is awesome! It takes courage to critically examine what you've been taught, and the culture it comes from, then create something beautiful

"I realized that it was not just my bad karma that was creating the situation of marginalization and lack of support I was experiencing. “Letting go” of an issue that eats away at you because you are being discriminated against is not always the most healthy thing for nuns; nor is it healthy for Buddhism." …

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Oh, Enlighten up a little, would ya?

Oh, Enlighten up a little, would ya? Coulda, Buddha, Gouda

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