Be Mindful, But Don't Get Wise!


Herein is my gripe with the mindfulness fad:

"…mindfulness is a tool whose effectiveness requires such things as right view, diligent practice, long-term retreats, the guidance of a good teacher, a strong ethical base, and a karmic, if not genetic, predisposition for spiritual progress."

He goes on to give scathing examples of what I call the "happy cows give more milk" uses of mindfulness.

The Mindfulness Wedge | Tricycle
Mindfulness is the thin edge of a wedge that, if inserted deeply enough into our minds, will open them to wisdom. Whether or not this actually happens, however, depends on various causes and conditions. Some say the process is natural and inevitable, that once the practice of mindfulness is …


Spiritual Teachers who say just accept death: Drop Dead


Spiritual Teachers who say just accept death: Drop Dead.


The insightful +


The insightful +Justin Whitaker summarizes the debate nicely. You know which side we're on. 🙂

2013 as the Year of Mindfulness: Critics and Defenders


Boom, there is the rub! Is the


Boom, there is the rub! Is the #mindfulness craze a good thing or bad thing? Is it useful when divorced from the ethical underpinnings? Killer quote:

Snipers could also benefit from mindfulness training, notes Ronald Purser, a professor of management in the College of Business at San Francisco State University and a practising Buddhist: “It would enhance attention, concentration and aim. Terrorists would benefit from it, too.”

Mindfulness goes corporate — and purists aren’t pleased
How the Buddhist tradition has been marshalled to grow profits and productivity



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Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom

In Buddhism we have an incredible arrangement, universal education from the beginning at birth up until death, as an old man. I feel these things could be put into a universal language. Give up religion, give up Buddhism. Go beyond Buddhism. Put the essential aspect of the philosophy into scientific language. This is my aim. …

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